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    October 1, 2017

    Until October 3, 2017

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Why Air Quality?

Because it is a concern shared by many cities of the planet, and today, according to World Health Organization - WHO, it is one of the most relevant health issues, which is directly the output of mobility matters, inappropriate handling of manufacturing processes, and improper urban planning, among others.

Today, the scenario is Medellin and its Metropolitan Area, since this city are facing an unprecedented air crisis, but with a history that must be recognized and analyzed in context, and which reflection will serve as a referent for other cities.

Partial actions have been implemented that do not solve the problem; therefore, there is a need to work in an articulated manner, to know technical experiences meant to generate public policy and social practices to mitigate and eliminate the problem here and in other places of the world.

Thematic Focuses

For the 2017 version, the following will be the topics developed by the International Sustainable Development School around Air Quality: