NOTE: The official language of the School is Spanish, we will have simultaneous translation of the conferences in other languages.

1. Profile of the School Student

  • Decision makers from Colombia and the world

  • Business leaders

  • Managers and activists

  • Master and PhD students in related subjects

2. Participation Cost per Student

The student participation in the School costs COP 3,500,000 (COP) – (approx. USD 1.250). The event`s organization will grant scholarships of 65% to those selected participants.

3. Important dates

  • Payment of participation

    Within ten (10) days upon confirmation of your acceptance

* In the case of international participants, the payment will be authorized for the first day of the event and their participation is subject to an official invitation by organizers.

4. Pre-registration form

For your participation in the International Sustainable Development School, you must complete the following information, which will be reviewed by the Academic Committee:

Name: *
Last name: *
Country: *

City: *
ID document: *
Phone: *
Cell phone: *
Email address: *
Name of organization where you work / study: *
Position / Program: *
How did you hear about the School?*
Curriculum Vitae: *

5. Pay Online

Soon the space will be available to make the payment in virtual form.